Our ADR Services

Why ADR?
As an active litigator, Mr. Hardy has engaged in the process of alternative dispute resolution. Experienced binding arbitrations, intended to be shorter and more cost effective than trial, that have failed to meet expectations; and mediations that proved less than fruitful. Too often, the blame rested with the “neutral” that was unprepared or did not understand the subject matter or the law. Too often, we found that once the mediator relied solely on “costs of litigation” to persuade, we knew the mediation was destined to fail.

We do not believe that sitting on the bench for twenty years deciding criminal matters, qualifies an individual to handle the nuances of employment mediation. Nor does practicing auto accident litigation give experience to mediate a complex construction defect case or property dispute. Only practical experience gives the mediator the necessary understanding of what it takes to resolve the dispute. Therefore, we only mediate cases that we have handled as litigators.

Areas of Law
Hardys ADR Services serves mediation and/or binding arbitrations in the following areas of law:

  • Construction Defect
  • Environmental
  • Public Works

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